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Join Jill Dobrowansky as she has conversations with everyday people who have battled some of life’s difficult seasons. It is through these times when their faith was renewed because of God’s love and grace. On Feed Your Spirit, we like to say that we are imperfectly perfect people who are uplifting others through grace-filled encouragement.

May 29, 2019

Feed Your Spirit: A Podcast talking with ordinary people about those moments in life when God’s word gives you just what you need, when you need it most. We all have those moments when we randomly open our bible and there it is - His words of faith, renewal, courage, patience, or a good ol’ dose of tough love fills us with what only He can give. Hosted by the 2 Scripture Sisters, Jill and Denise, this conversation-style podcast aims to share stories that will feed your spirit.

On today's episode we talk with our dear friend, Carolyn. She is a fearless leader and a wildly popular STEM teacher at an elementary school in New Jersey. Carolyn shares with us how she navigated a career change with God at the helm and gives us some insight on how she helps navigate our youth, not only a public school, but also in life on the path of doing what's right.

With the determination to consciously live in the word, we invite you to plug in and prepare your heart as we Feed Your Spirit with everyday stories of God’s grace from everyday people.

Carolyn's favorite... 

Scriptures: Philippians 4:6-7; Jerimehia 29:11

Devotional: Jesus Calling Daily Devotional by Sarah Young 

Podcast: The Porch

Inspirational quote: "My precious child, I never left you during your trial. When you only see one set of footprints, it is then that I carried you." 

Other mentions in the show: 


Church: Liquid Church

Books: Student's Life Application Bible