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We're your two Scripture Sisters, Jill and Denise, talking with family and friends about those small moments in life when God's words gave you peace, strength, love, and renewal. So join us as we gather stories that will Feed Your Spirit. 

Jun 30, 2019

Feed Your Spirit: A Podcast talking with ordinary people about those moments in life when God’s word gives you just what you need, when you need it most. We all have those moments when we randomly open our bible and there it is - His words of faith, renewal, courage, patience, or a good ol’ dose of tough love fills us with what only He can give. Hosted by the 2 Scripture Sisters, Jill and Denise, this conversation-style podcast aims to share stories that will feed your spirit. 

On today's episode we talk with our dear friend, Ellen. She is a wife, mother, owner of multiple businesses, volunteer, and world traveler. Ellen shares with us how she navigates the struggles of being responsible for employees as well as the victories that come from hard work and come from trusting God with it all.  

With the determination to consciously live in the word, we invite you to plug in and prepare your heart as we Feed Your Spirit with everyday stories of God’s grace from everyday people.

Ellen’s favorite... 

Scripture: Be still and know I am God (Psalms 46:10) 

Devotional: The Greater Devotional by Steven Furtick 


Other mentions in the show: 

Ellen's Business Websites:   

Church:Bayside Chapel